PreQual Dashboard

The prequalification dashboard presents the results of a company’s prequalification survey in an easy to read format using developed safety climate constructs.

Example PreQual Dashboard:

Management Commitment and Employee Involvement
  • Workers have a voice in the safety systems of their company
  • Company has defined employee involvement plan
  • Trust between office management and field workers, as well as between foremen and workers
  • Measures how well upper management lead by example
  • Safety is a value of company management
  • Those in charge of safety have the authority to make necessary changes
  • All workers have the tools they need to work safely
  • Company management communicates the results of safety inspections
  • Employees are rewarded for reporting hazards and conducting their work in a safe manner
  • Safety is a value of company management

Hazard Identification and Assessment

  • Frequency of inspections, who completes them, and corrective actions of inspections
  • Workers are a part of the inspection process
  • Frequency in which equipment is inspected
  • Hazard analyses take place
  • Mechanisms in place for workers to report hazards

Safety Programs

  • Specific hazards unique to company


  • What specific hazards workers face

Special Programs

  • Drug testing programs are in place
  • When drug tests are used
  • Company has a "return to work" program for employees who have been injured
  • Company participates in OSHA voluntary programs

Emergency Preparedness

  • Company is prepared for an emergency

Information & Training

  • The level of training for foremen, workers, and office staff regarding safety is adequate (e.g, OSHA-10 certification)
  • New workers are evaluated for their knowledge of safety
  • Company requires foremen to have leadership training
  • The company provides materials, training, and support in languages other than English
  • Company addresses language barriers in safety programs

Evaluation & Surveillance

  • Temp workers are evaluated by the company for their safety knowledge and skills
  • Injury data is analyzed by the company and used for future injury prevention
  • Injury information is shared with workers
  • Root cause investigations occur under the correct circumstances
  • Company corrects deficiencies in safety and health programs 

* DISCLAIMER: Scores have not been validated. The relationship between these scores and actual safety outcomes is not yet known. The data provided here is for informational purposes only. Using this data in any other form is prohibited. All subcontractors are local to the greater Boston area. Scores are relative to all other contractors within our database and are not trade specific.

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